What a way to wrap up the year!

I never imagined that when Caroline Phillips, an award-winning journalist, who happened to be a client of mine earlier this year, would give me a shout-out me in her 8 New Year’s Resolutions for making 2024 one to really remember and love. 

“When you’ve collected your relations – including dead ancestors – hire ace graphologist Tracey Trussell to check out their characters (and your compatibility!), merely by studying their handwriting – as unique as our DNA – and the formation of their letters. She’s uncannily accurate.”

Caroline’s ultimate guide is published in Country & Town House, and I’m there, in the mix, sharing a spot with a genealogist, and alongside the likes of Broughton Sanctuary (a retreat in Yorkshire), the Jumeirah (a Fitness Club and Spa with allegedly the best pool in London), Arlettie (a glam outlet and designer sample sale) and more…

You can read the whole article here >

Country and Town House – 8 New Year’s Resolutions 2024