On first impressions, you could be deceived into thinking she’s just an ordinary girl. Viewed holistically, one of Letby’s samples portrays a picture of someone who is convincingly caring and personable with reasonably positive attributes and qualities, notwithstanding her immaturity and childish nature. So, I was intrigued to find out what demons lay hiding beneath the girl-next-door persona.

Once I dug deeper and started looking at the broader picture (and the extra material provided by Nick Pisa at Daily Mail later that day, including the sample note featured above) the negatives quickly kicked in, putting an entirely different complexion on things. At this point, I could clearly see some graphic imbalances and strong clues to Letby’s character, affecting her behaviour. So much so, it became patently clear that Letby should never have been put in a position of care and responsibility.

Why did Letby behave like this?  Is she just inherently evil, or could there have been another reason?

Much has been said about her need for attention and certainly she like to be involved and in the middle of things (rooted in a deep-seated fear of boredom and the mundane). But there’s a more pressing motivation. A more relevant reason.

Letby was impressionable, naïve and immature. She was also deeply dissatisfied with her lot in life, emotionally volatile, manipulative and controlling. She was driven by a need for all the things she believed she was entitled to, but hadn’t yet found – a romantic version of the house with a picket fence and 2.4 kids. A lack of all these traditional things left a gaping hole in her life and made her envious of other people whom she believed had the very things she wanted.

These key factors turned out to be the recipe for Letby’s unravelling personality, triggering a deep-seated ability to commit unexpected violent and depraved acts behind doors. Driven by manic uncontrollable subconscious urges, she became a danger to society.

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