Joanne Owen, an Editorial Expert at LoveReading, has delivered a wonderful review of ‘Life Lines’ (What Your Handwriting Says About You)!

“This thorough, thought-provoking foray into the fascinating world of graphology seeks to show how understanding handwriting can lead to deeper knowledge of ourselves and each other.”

“Framed in the context of graphology dating back to the time of Confucius (“it did not just rock up in the twentieth century”), and underpinned by the belief that analysing a person’s handwriting can “uncover pretty much everything – someone’s character, behaviour, skill sets, values, aspirations and proclivities, core motivation and potential”, Life Lines by Tracey Trussell offers readers clearly presented, comprehensive insights into this fascinating field, with a distinctly holistic approach.

Part One presents an intriguing compilation of personal and professional case studies that set out to show how “handwriting is intrinsically and unequivocally linked to the brain, inadvertently supplying a direct line to the human mind”, pointing out how people might hide their true character through their handwriting, revealing fears, insecurities and contradictions to the trained eye. It’s also fascinating on the way our handwriting changes through time, and how couples’ compatibility might be seen through the way they write.

Part Two covers “the mental health landscape”, with up-to-the-minute detail on the effects of the pandemic, and how the likes of stress, dementia and criminality manifests itself through handwriting, while the section on the ”humanity of handwriting” makes a powerful case for why we should continue to write by hand in this era of communicating via keyboards and touch screens.”


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