I am delighted to announce that my beautiful hardback graphology book (with yellow ribbon) Life Lines: What Your Handwriting Says About You (Unicorn, published March 2022) is out now!  


You can order signed copies now from Unicorn. 

The book can also be purchased online from Amazon, Waterstones, or the Book Depository

It should also be available for purchase soon from your local independent bookshop. 


Life Lines is a celebration of how our ordinary, organic and often imperfect handwriting is not just a living form of expression and mode of communication, but also a relevant and poignant way of understanding ourselves and the people around us. Life Lines contains a carefully curated collection of real-life, deeply personal and often raw human-interest stories, drilling down into the nuts and bolts and complexities of our psyches. This ground-breaking book presents a different dialogue about uncovering our hidden selves through the analysis of handwriting. The journey traverses some difficult terrain, lucidly illustrating how our darkest moments can be seen plainly in our writing, but also teaches us some life-enhancing lessons along the way.