The Producers of the Elis James and John Robins show on BBC Radio 5 Live invited me to go on the show and talk about graphology and analyse the presenter’s handwriting.

This all began when John revealed that he’d finished a pen, and posted a picture online of some of his writing as the pen slowly ran out. Someone commented on the photo on Instagram that it would be interesting for a graphologist to take a look at both Elis and John’s handwriting and give some feedback as to what it reveals about them. The Producers thought this was a brilliant idea and after researching some graphologists, they got in touch with me!

You can tune in and listen to our chat, if you click on the link below (at about 20:00 minutes):

For podcast link, click here >


To view Elis and John’s original handwriting samples, click here >

Elis James

John Robins