It was a privilege to be invited by the BBC to analyse doodles for National Doodle Day.  I collaborated with Adebanji Alade (who incidentally provided the fantastic drawing in the headline).  We talked about the value of doodling and the meaning behind doodles.  Adebanji is a prolific sketcher, a motivational speaker and Art Coach, and an TV Presenter on The One Show.

We spent a few hours filming a short video (you can hear the recording below), which was subsequently aired on BBC’s The One Show on 22/09/19 especially to mark National Doodle Day.  I was also invited to make a ‘live’ appearance on The One Show with Frank Skinner, Angela Scanlon and guest comedian Rob Beckett (more on that later!).

A big thanks to the BBC Film Crew for an exciting and inspirational day of filming, and gratitude also to the University of West London for hosting such a wonderful day and providing us with some willing (and very brave) students who doodle during lectures!  It was an amazing experience!


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What do your doodles say about you?