Doodling is proactive daydreaming, helping us to unwind and de-stress and drum up light bulb moments!  Absent-minded doodles are like Freudian slips revealing our deepest secrets and desires.  The shapes, objects, and colour pens we use all offer up clues, and sometimes, it’s not so much what we draw that matters, but how we draw it, that uncovers an even deeper insight into the mind of the doodler.

Last week I teamed up with 4 Colours pen-makers Bic, in collaboration with 72Point PR, to reveal the most popular shapes and drawings, following an extensive online survey.  We received printed coverage in the Daily Express and the Daily Mirror, as well as far-reaching online articles >


Daily Mail

The Independent


The Sun

Entertain the kids

Special thanks go to Maddie Yuille for her kind permission to use her doodles and drawings for this commission (see more below):


How do you doodle, and what does it say about you?  Do get in touch, if you’d like me to take a peek inside someone’s head and heart…