Inspired by the Royal Academy’s exhibition in London 2010, “Van Gogh’s True Colours” is a graphological journey through Van Gogh’s life.  The article reveals his true and evolving personality, and attempts to address and uncover many of the rumours and tales that surrounded the man.  The full unabridged version is currently held in the Library of the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam (at the request of Hans Luijten, Researcher at the Letters Project).

“A graphologist can only analyse and interpret frozen snapshots in time. However, a collection of samples of letters (ranging from 1875 until Vincent van Gogh‟s death in 1890) takes us on a journey through the latter stages of the artist‟s life and means we are able to piece together a personality profile in chronological order – not from the perspective of the content of the correspondence, but by analysing the text itself. In essence, each piece of handwriting is rich in revealing the character, both conscious and unconscious of the man, and bears testament to his evolution, his changing moods and behavioural patterns. As a whole jigsaw, we are able to see the real man behind the myth and set a record straight into the bargain. Was Vincent van Gogh as mad as a box of frogs or a genius and misunderstood? Was he needy or independent? Reckless, restless and unreflective? And to what degree was he influenced by society and the world around him? And does it matter?” 

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