There has been much talk in the media about conflict, discord and disparities between the houses of Cambridge and Sussex. More recently Harry and Meghan have announced that they will be moving to Canada to become ‘financially independent’.  I explore and shed some light on these clashes, through the prism of handwriting analysis.

This is my take on the compatibility between Meghan and Catherine, which I believe is key (or at least integral) to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s recent behaviour.  The article has been published in The British Institute of Graphologist’s Journal and online. You can read the whole article here >

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“So pleased your article on the duchesses was written before all this blew up, as no-one could accuse you of knowing too much about the situation. I thought this sentence was particularly telling in light of what we now hear about her alleged bullying but also her underlying mental health issues. “We do not see her underlying feelings of inadequacy or how her anxieties manifest in controlling, dictatorial behaviour amplified by an argumentative streak. Meghan is vulnerable and has a deep-seated need to self-protect.” Her stylised hand is so telling in this regard  – her desire to gain acceptance for what she wants to be or imagines herself to be brought about by her somewhat self-interested compensation for her inferiority complex. Any criticism of what she sees as a socially-acceptable image will therefore have been very hard for her to deal with. I’m not excusing her behaviour, but it helps sometimes to understand why people behave as they do.”

Mary Black BSc degree in Psychology (Warwick) and M.BIG(dip) – Comment posted in March 2021