Graphology is a deeply fascinating and important science, so I’m really looking forward to presenting my graphology workshop in The Angel, London (nearest tube Angel) next month (Saturday 17th November, 2pm-5pm).

I will be sharing my extensive knowledge of this insightful subject, and we will also be exploring the handwriting of some well known people, as well as investigating our own handwriting.  I’ve written a take-away Fact Sheet zooming in and focusing on the dominant feature movements in handwriting, together with interpretations.

This workshop is a ‘must’ for all beginners looking for a taster in graphology, and indeed for anyone hoping to brush up on their basic skills. Let’s see if we can turn a mild curiosity into a passion that matches my own!

The event is being organised by Head and Hands, who recently interviewed me. Click here to read the Q&A, and you can watch and listen to the videos here and the full interview here.  If you are interested in coming along, you can book your ticket online here.

Looking forward to meeting you in person and on paper!